PBT 1-1/2 Series

Part Number Ball Material Housing Mat. Load Cap.
PBT 1-1/2 CS Carbon Steel Carbon Steel 250lbs
NPBT 1-1/2 CS Nylon Carbon Steel 250lbs
PBT 1-1/2 CS/SS Stainless Steel Carbon Steel 250lbs

PBT 1-1/2 CS/SS

  • Allows positioning on a 2” pipe pedestal in front of shears or press breaks.
  • 1-1/2” Main ball rotates on 3/16” support balls.
  • Ball transfer unit is welded to a standard carbon steel 2” pipe coupling.
  • Ball support cup is hardened and plated.
  • Protective cover assures low torque and longevity.
  • Available with stainless steel balls for additional corrosion resistance.

Download the PBT 1-1/2 Series sales sheet.