Easily Remove Damaged Fasteners with TurboSockets

You’ve been there hundreds of times: a rounded-off bolt or stripped nut that just won’t move. You could break out the chisel and do more damage than necessary. You could dust off the old blow torch and melt the broken pieces away. Or you could simply pick up a TurboSocket set from Hudson Bearings and remove the troubled hardware in an easy, less time-consuming and minimally-frustrating manner. This innovative tool is designed specifically to remove broken fasteners. Have a Phillip’s head or slotted screw that won’t turn? Corroded pipe nipples or studs that won’t budge? The TurboScocket can handle the job.

Your TurboSocket Options

  • 1/4 Drive
  • 3/8 Drive
  • 1/2 Drive
  • 3/4 Drive
  • 2-Piece Wheel Removal Set

Why Use TurboSockets by Hudson Bearings

Hudson Bearings has a reputation of quality, excellence, leadership and innovation that spans over half a century. We don’t act carelessly. We don’t design without purpose. Where there is a need, our team builds a solution. Durability, resilience and versatility are three characteristics that we’re proudly known for. Hudson Bearings uses professional heat-treaters and platers, while employing nothing but USA-made steel. Our TurboSocket products are also the same sizes as the standard-issued fastener gauges, meaning the TurboSocket can fit anywhere you need it to! Stop wasting time. Minimize frustration. Get your TurboSocket set today!

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